My twin nieces

Let me share you something with my nieces, *haaa

Yesterday, they visited me in Surabaya just for saying goodbye because they will be far far away from this country for a long time. Sad? Of course, we are sad. But, looking at them who are really happy to see the bright future, we believe that they surely will be fine 😀

The Lovable Achiy,

As the first-born child, she holds more responsibility to give the good example for her sister. Look at the photograph below, she already wears hijab. She has three dreams to achieve in her life: being a teacher, chef and doctor. She memorizes twenty-something surah in Al-Qur’an and keep reminds it in every situation. She loves maths and cats (i-puss) =))

Achiy: Mom, why does this time we travel by train instead of plane? We can arrive Jakarta faster than using train, right?
Mom: We want you to try all kinds of public transports dear. You have experienced plane and busway, now it is the time for you to travelling by train 🙂
Achiy: I love train!

Me: ………

The Stunning Iza,

While Achiy keep herself simple by wearing flip-flop, Iza chooses to wear socks and shoes wherever she goes. Iza is a stylish girl and she adores her sister in different way.

Iza: Waaah, aunty Maya has long hair. Mom, I want to have long hair but I want straight hair at the top and curly at the end.
Mom: Iza, you already have it now 🙂
Iza: <smile beautifully and winks her eyes>

Me: ………

See? even their mom already trained so well to keep they dream and achieve whatever good things they want 🙂 They created differently and I think we should appreciate each dissimilarity between them.

Achiy: Tepin.. (teary eyes)
Tepin: (hug)
Iza: (kiss tepin)

Good bye.. and see you very soon!

Welcome Mauritius and Reunion!

These weeks, I continually get readers from Mauritius and Reunion. I googled and found these countries are close to each other geographically. I am happily surprised; wish I can be informed about which post they were reading at my blog 🙂

Everybody must know Madagaskar -the movie- and these countries are exactly in east of Madagaskar Island.

Hereby I attach three photos of Reunion, Mauritius and also Madagaskar. At last, welcome Mauritius and Reunion readers, hopefully you find something useful in my blog 🙂






Madagaskar beside Reunion and Mauritius

Madagaskar beside Reunion and Mauritius

My past relationship with books..

Yesterday, I did take a walk with my colleague to the bookshop. We shared each other stories on how deep we love books including in our childhood. Then, that moment forced me to reminisce my past days with books and magazine.

Daddy couldn’t buy you the newest magazine *sadface*

I spent several years taking vacation in Surabaya, my grandparents’ house, my dad and I loved to go to the city center of Surabaya. They call it as Tugu Pahlawan. There is a weekly market opened every Sunday Morning and become the biggest shop center for Surabaya citizen. They obviously sell everything, but the only thing that could attract my attention was just Magazine. In my childhood, there are several famous magazines such as Mentari (Sun in English) and Bobo. I always spent more time just to read it on the spot while my dad busy looking around for household equipment 😀

Then, my daddy realized that my love in reading are uncountable noun *sigh*. New magazines were costly for us at that time, but it is not my daddy if he surrenders with situations. He decided to buy 5-6 old magazines and asked the seller to repackage the cover. Of course, at that day, I was the child who had the biggest smile holding that thick books 😀 but, my smile was not last forever, one week later I found that there were some pages in my lovely books that were missing T.T

But, daddy can lend you some encyclopedias.. *bigsmile*

Another day, I was so impressed with video game, every child in my neighborhood had it. My father thought that it was not acceptable because I supposed to focus on my pre-school *even though I only go to school once in a week :p*. Then my father brought a big colorful book and gave it to me. Wow, it has many big pictures and illustrations and it only need short time to convert my passion from video game to that mysterious book. My mom was surprised too, she didn’t expect that my dad spent money so much just for buying me a book. But my dad utilize his power ID card in his office, he told my mother that he just borrowed the book using his ID card. Therefore, I had to return the book every two days and replace it with another chapter 😀

I always loved natural sciences, biology and history chapters, it was caused by the beautiful illustrations provided by that book which I have known later as encyclopedia. I could re-read it more than twice in a day and pay attention to every single detail in the illustration. At that time, I really adored the mutual relationship between Anemon and Clown fish (Nemo) and the mystery on how Maya Inca disappeared from this earth and the stories behind Stonehenge which still cannot be predicted to date. Before I went to sleep, I always told over and over again to my daddy that I want to see Stonehenge by myself not from photos.

Well, daddy couldn’t buy you the newest magazine but daddy can lend you some encyclopedias. His pride is not on buying something expensive but getting the same thing effortless 🙂

I love the idea of being frozen..

Actually, it is in the middle of writing a module book for my next students. But, I decided to write a post first 😀 because it is worth to write, haha..

I am going to write about Frozen, at the first minutes I heard the song, I knew that it would going to many other songs in this movie, just like Tangled. But, the more I paid attention, the more I got the meaning 😦

The touchiest song for me is ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’, it was sung by Anna in front of the Elsa’s private room while she was knocking the door, asking Elsa to play with her. The little Anna didn’t know anything about the ice struck which hit her head and make several pigments grayish at her hair caused by her sibling, Elsa.

Anna needed a friend to play or just to talk with in their huge castle, furthermore, their parents which are obviously the King and the Queen of Arendelle died while they were having a trip. Anna keep knocking Elsa’s door because Elsa was the only one she can depend on. I successfully keep my tears while watching this scene..

Anna is the playful and happy girl, she finally found ‘the one’ beside Elsa. He is Prince Hans of Southern Isles. They both felt match and finished each sentences, they agreed to marry at the first time they met at the coronation day (it takes me a moment to open the dictionary, to look for what coronation does mean :p). But, just like the ordinary true love, it won’t reveal at the first sight, they must go through thick and thin in order to be called as true love.

Okay, this post is not about retelling stories, someone did it better than me, but I just want to show how deep Frozen already struck me 🙂

Conceal, don’t let it show, be a good girl

Elsa talked to herself, actually it was told by their parents in order to maintain the peace of Arendelle Kingdom. They knew that Elsa has extraordinary power than others. They are trying to push her and lock her (same with Tangled). Looking at the age of the movie setting, we can conclude that keeping someone strength won’t cause any peace and it was what the eighties parents did to their children. It will reveal anyway someday. Just let it goes and let the world knows.

Put me in summer and I’ll be a …. happy snowman!

The happy face of Olaf

The happy face of Olaf

Olaf is the snowman they built together when they were children. It had a carrot nose and totally aggressive towards new plans, even though he didn’t know what it means to him personally. Of course, when he faces summer someday, he is going to melt down and be a melted snowman bucket of water. Anna chose not to say anything about it to Olaf, but Kristoff persuaded Anna to tell him about his incredible dream. Anna was trying not to shut Olaf down by telling him that it was the impossible dream to catch. She lets anybody dreams whatever it may take in the future.

The cold never bothered me anyway.

Princess Elsa of Arendelle

Princess Elsa of Arendelle

She feels the cold. But, she pretends that she couldn’t feel it because she can freeze everything she wants. To me, it is the stabbing sentence to her, she has an unfrozen heart but she chose to freeze her heart and didn’t feel the cold. She was trying to shut the cold out.

Love will thaw the frozen heart

This quote is totally obvious, everybody knows it. But when love was shown by Elsa to Anna and vice versa, it touches the deepest heart of mine that love isn’t only shown by couples, but also siblings, parents and friends. A simple sentence but it is nearly forgotten to these days’ movies.

Some people are worth melting for



Another sentimental sentence, well everybody should find who are the people they worth melting for. The right one which Anna called it true love. It doesn’t have to know every single detail of them, just make sure that they will take a bullet for you and so do you. Sometimes, they don’t have to show any similarities with you or finish each other’s’ sentences sandwiches.

Do you want to build a snowman? It doesn’t have to be a snowman..
Go away Anna!
Okay, bye.. *sadface

Once upon a time in 1993

A boy trained so hard to read Arabic sentence by his father.
Father: you should repeat it once again, son.
Boy: [read it aloud]

Then, a lil girl, a younger sister of the boy listened carefully what her brother and father said. She whispered something to her dad.
Girl: dad, I want to read that book. I want to be a clever child like him. Please teach me..
Father: you better try this first 🙂 [dad gave an Indonesian story book]
Girl: but this is different with brother’s book.
Brother: you have to learn step by step, read that book first, later when you are in the same age with me, you can read my book.
Girl: [surrender and read it with the same tone like her brother]

The brother then felt annoyed by the loud voice of his sister.
Boy: hey, can you lower your voice? you have distracted my focuses.
Girl: I wasn’t distracted by yours so it was ur problem. [continuing read the story book]
Father: [smiled] you are a good girl who always wants to study more and more. Father feels proud of you, let read this once again with a lower voice. Okay?
Girl: yes dad 😀

I suddenly remember this moment when we were in Jakarta. Dad always supports us to learn something new and never says a bad thing towards his children. That is because he knows that good words will be a good manifest and hope to everyone.

So, everybody [including me] please say good things and motivating sentences instead of bad and pressing words even though it is just a joke 🙂


Reliable Realist

Still, I still feel tempting when there is quiz or some questions to know my personality deeper. It is not that I don’t recognize myself then I took that quiz. It is just for fun 😀 but the result blows me up :))

Well, according to iPersonic, I am a Reliable Realist person. Sounds like a painter stream, but let us read what it means..

Reliable Realists are down-to-earth and responsible-minded. They are precise, reserved and demanding. Their most prominent quality is reliability and they will always make every effort to keep any promise given.

Reliable Realists are quieter and serious persons, they do not talk a lot but they are good listeners. They sometimes seem reserved and distant to outsiders although they often have a great deal of wit and esprit.

Haaa.. I totally agree with the bold one 😀 that is totally me 🙂 I don’t like chit chat or bushes around to the new persons, but yeah.. sometimes, it is needed.. Seeing this first paragraph makes me want to read the rest of the results.

Their strong points are thoroughness, a marked sense of justice, doggedness bordering on pigheadedness and a pragmatic, vigorous and purposeful manner. Reliable Realists do not dither about if something has to be done. They do what is necessary without wasting words.

Oh, that is true, I am so tired when hearing talking-only person >.< they waste my time and I better leave them and do something useful or maybe sleeping is much better :p

This personality type not only expects a lot of him but also of others. Once Reliable Realists have set their mind on something, it is difficult to persuade them otherwise. They do not like to leave anything to chance. Planning means safety to Reliable Realists, as well as order and discipline. They have no problem respecting authorities and hierarchies but do not like to delegate tasks. They are certain that others would not deal with them as conscientiously as they do. In management positions, they are very task-oriented – they make sure that things are well done; however, they do not have a great deal of interest in personal contacts at work.

Ha! This -Once Reliable Realists have set their mind on something, it is difficult to persuade them otherwise- is what I used to be, but now, I am trying to open my plan to make it bigger and more reliable. I am now persuade-able person 😀 Yap, I do not like to delegate tasks because of my insecure feeling of the results’ perfectness. I am totally afraid that other persons cannot deliver it perfectly just like what I plan and want. I better do it myself and dying because of doing it rather than deliver it to other persons. I think I am not a good manager; well, I don’t want to be one of them 🙂 If the mistakes made by myself, I will easily forgive myself because I know what will I do for the next chance.

How about the underlined sentence? I don’t think too much about friendships or relationship in my workplace. I focus on my work and if I make a relationship or friendship, it is because I need it so much and I cannot live without them in my life, not in my workplace. For me, workplace is just a place to meet not for making deeper relationship.

I think the next paragraph will tell me more about how I build my relationship 🙂

In relationships too, Reliable Realists are reliability itself. As partners, they are faithful and consistent, well-balanced and sensible. Security and stability are very important to them. They have little time for extravagances and flightiness. Whoever has them as friend or partner can rely on them for a lifetime. However, it takes quite a while for Reliable Realists to enter into a relationship or friendship. They have little need for social contacts; they therefore take great care when choosing partners and friends and limit themselves to a small but exclusive circle which meets their high demands. They tend to show their closeness to people who are important to them by deeds – their partner should rather not expect romantic declarations of love.

🙂 I can count how many very good friends I have, may be just 2 or 3 persons 🙂 because they always brighten my day, or even say the truth in front of my face. They do not back-stabbing me or failed me.

Hey, iPersonic provides me a career advice too, what an amazing tools 😀

As a Reliable Realist you belong to the introverted personality types. You don’t appreciate too much commotion around you preferring to work relatively independently of others. You need to give yourself plenty of time to work in peace and deal with your projects thoroughly and intensely.

Hmm.. I prefer to be called ‘ambivert’ rather than ‘introvert’, but I am not totally ‘extrovert’ person :p

Your ability to concentrate is exceptionally high and if you are interested in something you can truly immerse yourself forgetting everything around you. Very strongly team-oriented professional fields, or employment where your concentration is continuously disturbed, or your work is disrupted, are not really for you. It is just too important to you to complete your projects really well.

Yep, I admit it, that I am not good at team-oriented project because I can’t understand or let anyone disappoint me which it is frequently happened in team 😦 I have high demanding behavior about quality of the deliveries. I am sure that not all persons good at me or may be sometimes, they can’t understand me.

One or two colleagues who are on your wavelength or possibly a small group of like-minded colleagues are the most you need. Too many people are stressful to you because the emotionality and irrationality that comes with interpersonal relationships tends to disturb you. You are reserved when revealing yourself, and often have the effect of being aloof. Sometimes, and although it may not be your intention, you even convey the impression of being dismissive to the people around you. The continuous locker room and water cooler banter enervate you more than anything else. For you, work is work, and you feel that private matters don’t really belong there. When you choose your profession, watch out that you are not made to adjust to and interact with others around the clock.

Reliability is your middle name. Whoever hands you a project can rest assured that it will be handled diligently and delivered on time. The thought not to keep a promise or a commitment on time is total horror to you. Therefore, it is important to you to be in an environment providing smooth working conditions where you receive consistent and predictable feedback about your efforts. Clear and definite objectives, and the assurance that the necessary resources for your activities will be available, are a must.

Aaah, that is totally right for me. I have no other words except ‘I agree with this results!’ It represents me 95% 😀 I suggest you to try it 😉 Thank you iPersonic and thank you Charlotte, because I’ve tried this from your Facebook wall post 😀


Thank you my readers ;)

The next day :)

The next day 🙂


Nothing make me happier than seeing this :)

Nothing make me happier than seeing this 🙂








I know it is over-reacted but I am truly happy (well, you can say that I am easily to be happy). It is not the first time when my blog was read by someone overseas but it is the first time when the nation diversity more than five different countries (exclude Indonesia).

When I decided to write my blog in English, I know the consequences and also benefits. My blog reader could be everybody out there who randomly search the term that they want but it means that I can spread my knowledge and happiness throughout the world 🙂

I feel great for having this decision, at the first time two or three of my friends rejected to read my post because it was written not in Indonesian language. They said that I didn’t respect and loved Indonesia anymore by posting in English not in Indonesian. I was just give them my best smile at that day.

But I keep reminding what Dian Sastro Wardoyo said in a talk “Using English is not an indicator for lacking of nationality”. The same thing happened to B.J. Habibie who decided to live in Germany for several years before he was asked to come back to Indonesia and left his prosperity in that country just for Indonesia. I believe he loves this country more than everyone who stay in Indonesia or saying that he is lack of nationality.

In short, thank you my readers 🙂 wherever you are and whatever you will be 🙂

Just another why :)

Fave Tree :)

I fell in love at the first time I saw that picture. Apart from psychological matters, I like that picture than the others due to some reasons.

  • The color: soft pink and purple, that is the perfect combination to me. While pink reflects some lovely and charms, purple make it stronger by performing darker tone.
  • The vertical strips: As the horizontal strips present steady movement, the vertical present radical movement from bottom to up or I see it as a good relationship between human and God.
  • The triangle leaves: In spite of having actual illustration of leaves, I prefer this simple one because I keep making everything simpler than the actual one. I don’t like explaining something complicated even though it is the reality. As long as you got my point, it is fine, and if you want to have more explanation about that, you can have a deeper conversation with me later. For me, explaining headline or general trend brings so much joy than explaining from the beginning story, detailed and forgotten by the listener (eww).
  • Tough and dark trunk and branches: It obviously means something to me. The darker the color, the stronger the meaning. I prefer skipping the roots and having bigger trunk as it grow higher.
  • The dots fruits: I have no idea what kind of fruits are they (haha), but everything round seems sweeter than oval :p

By way of a conclusion, that picture is nice, bright and simple 🙂

Good night everybody 🙂

The whole trees

Should we sell our faith for our dreams?

Bunch of essay tasks that should I fill to complete my scholarship application made me think carefully towards my dream in the future. Most of them ask me to write the reason why should I back to my country or what will I do after I graduated from my PhD. Well, I have no difficulties to make it up, and then I end up buying a motivational book to achieve our scholarships including how to make convincing essays from the successful ex-awardees.

I got a lot of examples, but then it suggested me to be the one that I don’t want to be or write that I don’t want to write. For example, it suggested me to write a ‘Professor’ to be my dream because the Host University really want that answer or I should answer NO questions that related to taking advantage another scholarship even though I am looking for or applying another scholarships. In my opinion, those are stupid questions that must be answered by stupid answers. Well, everyone knows that they shouldn’t put eggs in only one basket; of course they are trying to apply another scholarship. In addition, why should I become a Professor someday? I have no reason right now. That is not my dream and I am not going to write it in all of my essays or my interview answers. Why should I lie to myself then just for financial supports?

Last night I watched one Grey’s Anatomy episode (again), there is a patient that belongs to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Suddenly, the doctor (Yang) stopped blood transfusion into him and warned others not to give him any kind of bloods. Admittedly, she got protest from other nurses and doctors because without blood support he is going to die. Saving lives is their motto. She didn’t explain to other paramedics but then I pushed the ‘Pause’ button and start googling what is the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

According to my reliable sources in internet, Jehovah’s Witnesses reject any kind of military services and blood transfusion whatever the condition. They believe that live only granted by God, if God still gave him a live then he wouldn’t die with or without blood transfusion. Without judging their reasons which are make sense to me, I just remind what the Rasulullah SAW and his fellows did in the past, he wouldn’t surrender to say that the only God is Allah even though his enemies tortured them. Well, maybe it doesn’t happen anymore in this era, it could be easier or even harder condition that we shouldn’t die to sell our faith. It is easier because we shouldn’t suffer for physical torturing but it is harder because it is less easy to distinguish or judge. Well, for me personally, the hardest decision is when we have a pleasant or enjoyable situation.

May be some of you think that, ‘Oh come on, it is just blood money, it doesn’t change your whole life, you can still have those money and live your life after you receive that money’. Some others named it ‘White Lie’, but unfortunately they forgot to erase the ‘Lie’ word after ‘White’. Yes it is true, I will abroad and graduate my PhD after I said that I want to become a Professor and back to my country because of my previous make-up reasons and data in my essays. Yes it is true and then I have no differences with the corruptors who steal money from citizens’ tax just for themselves and said that it is for the country needs.

I just want to be a mom and a teacher who spend my time only for my children and students. Hmm, it sounds selfish but being a Professor only steal my whole time and my focus to teach and educate them. Will I get that scholarship if I just write those two reasons in my essay? Let us see then. I am sure that God wrote a perfect plan for me and my family in the future and all I have to do is just do my best and pray 🙂

Dad, I am more like you now 🙂

Regret is no longer a vocabulary in English..

Still, I could not cry to regret my previous stupid action even though I have forced to whine and analyze the impacts.

Okay, there is no tear drops in my eyes. I think regret is not the best exit way. Let’s think another exit way.

Bye bye regret..

I think you are no longer in my personal English Dictionary 😀