Lovely photograph..

Lovely photograph..

This blog is belong to Retno Aulia Vinarti, she was born in Bandung, West Java Province in Indonesia. Her parents raised her in Mojokerto, East java Province. She loves to singing along while playing guitar, knitting and reading intriguing books. She hates any kind of sports, trekking, and coddiwompling. Well, sometimes it depends on the companions :p

She is a scorpion; an ambivert; an INFJ; who has A Blood Type. She would like to describe herself as mysterious, tough, reserved, and a perfectionist. But, she is very lazy, simple, and overthink about simple and unimportant things.

She had a beautiful wedding ceremony at 2nd November 2013, and make her officially be the one and only wife of an awesome guy named Fajar Annas Susanto. What a lucky lady! πŸ™‚ She is now a mother of one kid, namely Rania Annas Ramadhani, and soon to be a mother of two! (InsyaAllah).

Raised in a good educational background families make her easily adapts with teaching. Having an opportunity to teach in a top rated university in Indonesia is her dreams which finally came true in the end of 2009. She learned many things during her PhD in the oldest University in Republic of Ireland, Trinity College Dublin. She got her doctoral degree in mid of 2019 and now back teaching in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya, Indonesia.

If you interested in chatting with me, just leave me a comment on any posts πŸ™‚ I am grateful enough that anyone wants to read my online diary silently. Sigh!


36 thoughts on “Me?

  1. mm…klo disuruh nyebutin 3 kata sifat yang mencerminkan chupine: lemot, chupu dan kekanak-kanakan…wakakakakak

  2. @ agung

    gung, awakmu menyarankan bwat pake [at] tapi awakmu nulis emaile vivin pake @

    lak yo podho ae kenek script REGEX trus di spam…

    piye to awakmu gung


  3. 2 barkah : Walaikumsalam warohmatullah wabarokatuh…

    2 kiki : woi, listku kok sek durung onok nang blogmu??? >:P gitu ngatain aku bawel huh…

  4. Hmm…

    Know me more ?

    Ya… setuju sama agung vin. Aku percaya kok email itu asli punyamu…

    haha… hijau oy… seger blognya

    Cuma numpang lewat vin :mrgreen:

  5. 2 gyl : horeee…akhirnya ada yang percaya juga itu emailku…heuheu

    2 kecap : yang sering2 cap, kejebak di blog ku :p

  6. how do you do..? its really nice to meet you…
    hows your day, vhyn…?
    (hehe,akhir2 ini kata2 tersebut sering sekali saya ucapkan)

  7. 2 phoenic05 : iki kok gak onok linknya? blog 2005 kan dhan? “:D”

    2 nyoman : huehehehe…beuh, akhirnya selesai jugaaa….heuheu

    2 irma : ciyeee…yang di belanda euy…gmn disana?

    2 icha : hehehehe….biar gak pink terus, makanya cari theme ijo…huehehehe

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