Welcoming baby #2

Well, Rania gave me spoilers at first. She patted my belly several days before I took a pregnancy test. She said that my belly looks flabby T.T Then, she guessed that there is a baby inside my stomach :)) I just laughed at that time :p

Her feeling comes true, I missed seven days of my period this month. I feel something different in my body and breast. I asked my husband to buy me a pregnancy test. And, voilaaa! two lines πŸ™‚

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-08 at 08.28.42

My husband and I were not really sure until we met an OB/GYN. And, that’s true, there is an egg yolk in my womb πŸ™‚

But, I asked the doctor, will I experience the same symphysis pubic dysfunction like my previous pregnancy? I still remember how hurt it is. Hearing cracking bones and feel so much pain. Unable to walk, only lying on a bed for two months.

She said Yes. When the fetus’s weight is approaching 2.7 kg, I will experience the same thing 😦 and she warned me, if this fetus more than 2.7 kg, my ligaments could be torn.

Every pregnancy has its own story. This is my story.
I should prepare myself and the baby inside.

Should I be happy? because there is someone living in my body.
Or should I be sad? because I know the consequences of having this.

I am grateful, and like usual, I will walk through this, no matter what…

Be strong baby #2! by the way, your sister refused to call you Olaf, we haven’t decided yet, I will let you know πŸ˜€

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