Just another why :)

Fave Tree :)

I fell in love at the first time I saw that picture. Apart from psychological matters, I like that picture than the others due to some reasons.

  • The color: soft pink and purple, that is the perfect combination to me. While pink reflects some lovely and charms, purple make it stronger by performing darker tone.
  • The vertical strips: As the horizontal strips present steady movement, the vertical present radical movement from bottom to up or I see it as a good relationship between human and God.
  • The triangle leaves: In spite of having actual illustration of leaves, I prefer this simple one because I keep making everything simpler than the actual one. I don’t like explaining something complicated even though it is the reality. As long as you got my point, it is fine, and if you want to have more explanation about that, you can have a deeper conversation with me later. For me, explaining headline or general trend brings so much joy than explaining from the beginning story, detailed and forgotten by the listener (eww).
  • Tough and dark trunk and branches: It obviously means something to me. The darker the color, the stronger the meaning. I prefer skipping the roots and having bigger trunk as it grow higher.
  • The dots fruits: I have no idea what kind of fruits are they (haha), but everything round seems sweeter than oval :p

By way of a conclusion, that picture is nice, bright and simple πŸ™‚

Good night everybody πŸ™‚

The whole trees

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