IELTS Overview: Listening Skill

This skill comprises four sections. Its difficulty is in order, starting from the first is the easiest and fourth is the most difficult.

Tips 1: Please answer carefully for the section 1 as it is the easiest one so you can invest your wrong marks better in the next sections.

Listening skill can have 5 types of questions;
Multi-choice (1 correct answer from 3 options): usually its type of each option is sentence or phrase. Read each option carefully and try to comprehend those all.

Tips 2: Do not choose the option which similar of what you heard.

Multi-matching (1-3 correct answers from 7 options): frequently you will be asked to choose the options mentioned before. Please be careful of many circumlocutions they made just for distracting you.

Tips 3: Read the question and notice the upper-case word.

Choosing a graphic (1 correct answer from 3 or 4 graphics): find any differences from each options then it will help you for quick answer. The graph can be maps, pie charts, line charts, etc.

Note/Table/Summary/Form completion (filling in the blanks): please be sure of what you hear and write down the word. Do not write the synonym.

Tips 4: Predicting, Word Class choice and singular/plural nouns can be the solution.

Labeling maps/plans/sites: getting use to hear the direction markers such as; opposite, across, behind, east way, at the end, etc.

Tips 5: Use your pen to follow the direction of the map and pretend that the speaker is talking to you.

Tips 6: Note which one is the North, East, West and South. Left and Right could help you too.

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